What's your turn-around time?

Turnaround on customizing pre-made covers is always within 48 hours from the time payment is made. With custom covers, it varies depending on how booked I am at any given time, but typically I can turn around a cover from commission to completion within two weeks. It's tough to give a hard and fast rule of thumb here because as with any process that involves multiple rounds of revision,  communication back and forth takes time in and of itself. I respond to all emails within 24 hours, but often clients take time to mull over a design and show it to friends and family for feedback before coming back with edit requests, and that makes it hard to pin firm timetables on things.

However, that said, I do my best to work within every client's desired timeline. If I don't think its possible to complete a project in the time requested, I'll let you know before we begin. Sometimes complications do arise and things take longer than planned, but I can and do promise to keep clients apprised of any situation that would cause delays as soon as possible. I understand that waiting on a cover can be nerve-wracking though, and I encourage clients to check in with me as often as they need to in order to keep track of where we are in the process.
What's your availability?

I do my best not to over-book myself so that each client's project gets the time and energy it deserves, so typically I don't take on more than five custom jobs a month at this time. Even that's relative, as when I book series jobs where I'm working on multiple covers for a single client at a time, I'll only book one or two other jobs until that's done. So at any given moment, the only way to check my availability is to send an inquiry. If I'm all booked up, I'll offer to put you on a waiting list, and as soon as I complete one of my current jobs, I'll reach out to you to check if you're still in need of a cover design or if you've found satisfactory services elsewhere.
How do you take payment?

I only accept payment via paypal at this time, though you don't have to have an account yourself to pay via a credit or debit card. With pre-,mades, contact me with the placeholder title(s) of the pre-made you wish to purchase and how you'd like it customized and I'll send you an invoice. Once paid, I'll send you the customized file in .jpg format within 24-48 hours. If you're buying a pre-made in advance of when you'll need it and don't have a title picked out yet, that's fine. I'll take it down once its paid for and you can reach out to me at any later point once you're ready to make use of it and need it customized.

With custom designs, when you make an initial inquiry, I'll walk you through the design process and we'll settle on an initial direction, timetable and settle any other concerns you might have before beginning. Once you're ready to proceed, I'll send you an invoice for the first half of the payment, due upfront, and then the remainder is due once I have delivered the completed files of the finalized design, after it's met with your approval, at which point I will send you a second invoice for that half.
Do I have to order an ebook and print cover at the same time, or can I upgrade later?

Absolutely, you can add a back and spine to any of my covers at any point in the process, even if its months after I completed the ebook design for you. The only caveat I have for this is if you do want a print cover with a wrap-around design, its best to order both at the same time or at least clarify during the e-book design process that you intend to get a print cover at a later date. Not all designs lend themselves to extending to a spine and back, so its best to design with that in mind if a single cohesive design is the goal. However, a back and spine that complements the front cover and makes for a cohesive look is possible with any design, at any stage.
Do you give clients the PSD files when they purchase a pre-made?

Not typically, no. If you absolutely don't feel comfortable not having the PSD file, usually something can be worked out, but its not ideal. Font licenses in particular can be tricky, and they don't transfer ownership outside of a finished design. So while I might be appropriately licensed to use a specific font I've purchased, that doesn't mean that legally I'm entitled to transfer a PSD file with that font to someone else to use. It's especially tricky because many fonts that do require a commercial license to use have been pirated and are available for free online, and its not always easy to tell. You may think the font you downloaded so you could edit the text on a pre-made cover is free to use, when in fact its only free for personal use, not for use on products intended for sale, etc. And really, its in my clients' best interests as much as mine to be secure in the knowledge that every aspect of the cover they've purchased from me is legal and above board, and there's no way for it to turn into a problem for them later on. 

In addition to the above, a lot of my covers have a certain style to the lighting and colors, that I would hope is part of their appeal....however, much of that is done after the design is fully complete and the layers locked and merged so that the entire cover can be adjusted as one singular image. And once layers are locked and merged, they're useless to you, as there's no way to edit them. So even when I do send the PSD files, they'll always be from a point before I've merged the layers and adjusted the final lighting/colors, and so I can't guarantee a way for you to edit the PSD file personally and still end up with the same look as the one you purchased.

I do understand that many authors are concerned about designers disappearing, and don't want to purchase a premade in advance when it might be useless to them six months later if the designer's not still around. If that's the concern, I'm happy to provide my personal email address so you always have a way to reach me. I've been designing book covers for over five years, and while I go through periods where I have too much work from just the clients I already have and I'm not advertising my services or easily visible, I'm always available to be reached by anyone I've sold work to in the past. I still have clients who reach out to me after a gap of three years or more to ask if I can make adjustments to their cover, and I'm happy to do so.